Recent Projects

Peak Websites

June 2020

A beautiful, responsive agency website using WordPress WP-REST API as a headless CMS and GatsbyJS/ReactJS for modular development.

Adobe XD, GatsbyJS, GraphQL, HTML5, ReactJS, Responsive, SASS, SEO, WP-REST API
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WordPress Plugin: Custom Post Types

Sept. 2019

A down and dirty WordPress plugin for creating custom post types and taxonomies.

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Greystone Place

June 2019

Greystone Place is a show website for an upscale apartment residence. Built with GatsbyJS, this site is blazing fast thanks to Netlify continuous deployment!

AWS, GatsbyJS, GraphQL, HTML5 Video, ReactJS, WordPress REST API
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December 2018

As a Progressive Web App in the health and fitness world, combines principles of React in the form of Web Components, as well as modern build tools such as Webpack and Google’s Material Design.

Google Firebase, Local Storage, Material Design, Progressive Web App (PWA), ReactJS, Webpack
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Canadian In-Floor Radiant Solutions (CIRS)

July 2016

Auditory and keyboard-accessible website in the residential and commercial heated floor industry.

Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, NVDA Screen Reader
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Coding programs in JavaScript, PHP, with typical build tools and processes.

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Custom themes, Plugin development, WP REST API, SEO, performance optimizations, and more.

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Projects based in ReactJS and other modular and component-driven designs.

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Projects that support WAI-ARIA accessibility guidelines.

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Content creation, marketing, information research, editing.

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Acquisition, development, strategy.

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Skills at a Glance


  • HTML/5 (8 yrs)
  • CSS/3 (8 yrs)
  • SASS/LESS (7 yrs)
  • JavaScript/JavaScript ES6 (8 yrs)
  • JSON (7 yrs)
  • PHP (7 yrs)


  • WordPress REST API (4 yr)
  • ReactJS (4 yrs)
  • GatsbyJS (3 yrs)
  • Node.js/NPM (3 yrs)
  • Git (6 yrs)
  • Bootstrap (3 yrs)


  • GraphQL (3 yr)
  • IndexedDB (1 yr)
  • LocalStorage (2 yrs)
  • MySQL/PHPMyAdmin (6 yrs)


  • REST APIs (4 yrs)
  • Modular Design (4 yrs)
  • WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility) (4 yrs)
  • Object-Oriented Programming (2 yrs)
  • Responsive Design (7 yrs)

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