June 2019Picture of Greystone Lobby

As delivering the visual experience of Greystone Place was important to this project, GatsbyJS, a highly-performant static site generator was used to create a fast-loading and reliable website while Amazon Web Services (AWS) was used to store and deliver robust visual media such as HTML5 video over a variety of devices and older technologies.

Project Highlights

  • Supports a cross-platform hero video optimized and hosted with AWS
  • Employs custom-coded ReactJS components for dynamic image carousels, modals, and contact forms (links to code)
  • Leverages gatsby-image, a plugin from GatsbyJS, to deliver highly performant image loading to end-users
  • Configured with Google Analytics and Google Fonts
AWS, GatsbyJS, GraphQL, HTML5 Video, ReactJS, WordPress REST API

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